The good facts of black soap

Black soap is a soft soap that comes in the form of thick jelly paste and dark color. This so special soap is made of crushed black olives, olive oil and potash, macerated in salt. Very rich in vitamins E, it has many virtues for all types of skin, the main one is to exfoliate the skin deeply. Non-irritating, it removes toxins and dead skin and moisturizes the skin gently. Moreover, its softness makes it adaptable to any type of skin.
It is a soap that foam little but that can turn into a product soft, creamy and really very nice. We experiment more than a care, we heal an “experience”!
The black soap scrub at home and in the hammam!
It is possible to enjoy the benefits of a scrub with black soap at home, because black soap is now a cosmetic product that can be found in shops dedicated to beauty and well-being as at Naturel Argania .
You can make your own homemade black soap scrub by purchasing this famous black soap and a Kessa glove, and get the same result as a hammam session.
Method: In the shower, apply black soap on wet skin with open pores. Let the black soap work about ten minutes ideally. Then, rub your whole body vigorously with your Kessa glove. When you see the dead skin on the glove, rinse it and continue to all areas of your body in the same way. Then rinse the whole body with lukewarm water.
To have a beautiful skin throughout the year, it is advisable to perform a scrub 1 to 2 times a week.
If you want to use black soap as a facial scrub, do not use a Kessa glove that is too aggressive for the skin of the face. Apply the black soap on your wet skin avoiding the eye and lips. Massage gently into circular motion and rinse with warm water.
After scrubbing with black soap
After a scrub session with black soap, you can continue to pamper your skin. To nourish it, we suggest argan oil as a regenerating treatment for the body or face.
In the hammam, the scrub with black soap prepares the skin for other treatments such as body wrapping with Rhassoul clay. This mineral clay treatment tightens pores, absorbs impurities and softens the skin even more. If time permits, why not?
After this (s) care (s), you will feel frankly your skin released from all its dead cells, it will be clean, soft and regenerated!