Culinary Argan Oil

45.00$ 35.00$

Contenance : 250 ml

For thousands of years, Moroccan Berber people have been including the Argan oil in their diet, due to its nutritional benefits. High in oleic and linoleic acids, it contains 80 % of unsaturated fatty acids. It is rich in Vitamin A, E* and C; omega 3 and 6 and antioxidants.

Culinary Argan Oil is slightly darker and more fragrant than the cosmetic version, since it is made from lightly roasted kernels. It has a very distinctive nutty aroma, which make it the perfect ingredient to season your salads or hot meals after cooking them. This adds a wonderful flavor without losing the oil’s healthy benefits.

Culinary Argan oil has countless health benefits. It can guard against hypercholesterolemia, stimulate brain cells and favour liver function. Studies have shown that Argan oil helps lowering the risk of high blood pressure and cholesterol. A regular consumption of Argan oil can diminish the risk of prostate cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. It can also prevent disorders related to the menopause and boosts the immune system.

*About twice as much as olive oil

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