Culinary argan oil Quebec:

Argan oil has been used for centuries by the Berbers of Morocco for its nutritional properties. Argan oil is of oleic and linoleic type, and contains 80% unsaturated fatty acids. It is rich in vitamin A, E* and C, in omega 3 and 6, and in antioxidants.

Edible oil is a little darker and more fragrant than cosmetic oil since it is produced from lightly roasted amendons. Its fine nutty flavor makes it perfect for dressing salads or hot dishes after cooking, to add flavor while retaining the beneficial properties of the oil.

The health benefits of dietary argan oil are countless. It stabilizes hypercholesterolemia, stimulates brain cells and promotes the proper functioning of the liver. Research has notably approved that argan oil also reduces the risk of hypertension and the risk of cholesterol. Regular consumption of argan oil helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer, diabetes and heart disease; it also prevents menopause-related disorders and strengthens the immune system.

*It contains 2 times more than olive oil

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