Naturel Argania is pleased to welcome you to its Online Beauty Boutique, We invite you to take a moment to carefully read and understand our General Sales Terms and Conditions, which are outlined clearly below. Should you choose to browse our website without reading the General Sales Terms and Conditions, please note that you are nonetheless bound by the conditions therein contained.

The present Conditions define the rights and obligations of parties during sales carried out on They govern all steps in the order process, from placement through to tracking and processing. All orders and purchases made through this website are subject to terms and conditions that are clearly explained on

These Conditions are for the end consumer exclusively, namely, any person 18 years and over not transacting as a retailer.

Naturel Argania reserves the right to adapt or modify, at any time, the Conditions on its website. We invite you to visit these pages periodically to review the Conditions currently in effect, which are mandatory and binding. If modified, the Conditions in effect at the time of your website visit will have precedence. Please note that for disputes arising from the validity of the Conditions governing a transaction, digital computer records will be used as evidence between parties.

You can save or print these Conditions at any time. By visiting, you acknowledge and accept the present General Sales Terms and Conditions.


Naturel Argania cannot be held liable for the improper use or purchase of the products it sells. Prior to all orders being placed, customers must attest to having full legal capacity to transact with Naturel Argania and abide by its Conditions.

Naturel Argania cannot be held responsible for:

  • The non-operation or temporary interruption of service as well as any inability to access the website. Whenever possible, Naturel Argania will inform customers of upcoming website maintenance and/or updates to minimize site navigation problems.
  • The improper use of caused by external factors (non-compliant equipment, Internet slowdowns, etc.)
  • Any indirect damage resulting from viruses, hacking, loss of customer data or records during transactions on
  • Potential shipping delays caused by the courier or postal service. These delays do not entitle customers to damage claims.
  • And all other damages incurred, directly or indirectly, during delivery.

Naturel Argania retains ownership of products until full and final payment of an order. Once an order has been delivered to the customer and received, the latter becomes responsible for the product.


Information contained throughout, including images, product descriptions, advice, recommended colors, prices and other text or visual representations, are for information purposes only. Naturel Argania makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and timely updating of information on its website, and reserves the right to modify, at any time and without notice, all content. All errors that may potentially arise will be amended once verified/validated.

Representation of products or services on does not, at any time, guarantee that these products or services will be available indefinitely and at all times.


The website was developed to promote Naturel Argania products and services in addition to providing an online shopping service to customers.

The website includes text, information, descriptions, images, content, videos, and other online material that are trademark- and copyright-protected. As such, it is against the law to modify, use, or reproduce any of the information or material for public or commercial purposes, infringe upon personal privacy, or fail to respect the Conditions outlined on this website. Any unauthorized use will be reported to the appropriate authorities and subject to legal proceedings.


When confirming your order, it is very important that you carefully verify all information provided. Your order confirmation binds you to your order as well as the accuracy of the information provided. Carefully verify the accuracy of recipient information including email address, billing/shipping address, apartment number, postcode, province, telephone number, etc. Naturel Argania cannot be held responsible for customer errors, shipping delays, or failure to deliver products due to such errors.

All prices are in Canadian dollars. According to Canadian law, your purchases on will be taxed according to your shipping address. Quebec customers must pay GST and PST. Customers from the rest of Canada must pay GST and HST, where applicable.

In addition to product prices that include taxes, you must pay a portion of the shipping fees whose amount will be specified on your purchase order prior to order confirmation and in compliance with our Shipping and Returns policy.

Naturel Argania reserves the right to modify prices in the event of increased fees, including taxes and customer errors (incorrect information).

The merchandise described on the sales document remains the property of Naturel Argania until the order has been paid in full. Final order confirmation takes place only after payment has been processed.

Presently, online payments are only accepted using a PayPal account. Naturel Argania reserves the right to cancel any order whose payment has been declined/not authorized. Once your payment has been authorized, we will send you a confirmation of your order including an overview of items ordered and the billing/shipping address.


Before making any final purchases on, you can view your order, which includes product description, product price, taxes, and any applicable shipping and handling fees.

Clicking on the Order Confirmation icon sends Naturel Argania your offer to purchase the product(s) described in the Order Confirmation and your acceptance of the established price and applicable fees, as well as the General Sales Terms and Conditions. These orders do not bind you to Naturel Argania until accepted by you. Your order will be accepted by Naturel Argania following your online payment via PayPal, at which time you will receive an order confirmation by email.

Currently, only accepts orders shipped within Canada.

5.1 Verify Your Order

If you change your mind about an order, you won’t be allowed to cancel or retract your order if:
– Handling fees have been incurred
– The package has shipped to the customer who placed the order

5.2 Order Processing

Naturel Argania is committed to processing every order individually and as soon as possible. Processing times for the online store are Monday to Friday, except on the following days: New Year’s Day (January 1), January 2, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, June 24, Canada Day (July 1), Labour Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day (December 25).

Please note that orders placed between December 20 and January 6 will not be processed (shipping and handling) before January 6. If you would like to receive your package before the holiday season, you must place your order before December 20.

For all orders, shipping (transportation) takes place on business days (Monday to Friday) and excludes weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

When processing your order, you may be contacted by email by someone from Naturel Argania. It is your responsibility to check your email since these email messages contain important information about your purchase.

Naturel Argania reserves the right to limit quantities of products ordered, to close an account, or to refuse and/or cancel an order. In addition, Naturel Argania will not honour any orders placed by professionals, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, resellers, and any parties deemed to be transacting for business purposes. To this end, Naturel Argania reserves the right to cancel any order deemed non-compliant based on, but not limited to, product quantities exceeding normal consumer requirements or high-quantity orders to a same billing/shipping address. If you require more than 10 identical products, please contact us at


By pre-ordering products, you authorize Naturel Argania to automatically charge your account. The order is shipped as soon as the product is available. You can cancel your pre-order at any time before the product becomes available by contacting


6.1 Prices

Prices on are in Canadian dollars and exclude taxes and a portion of the shipping and handling fees (see Shipping). These prices are subject to change throughout the year. Naturel Argania reserves the right to modify prices without prior notice. Products ordered are charged at prices in effect when the order is placed.

6.2 Promotional Offers

All product promotions on are limited to Canada and Promotional offers are valid only within the eligibility period of the promotion in effect. Promotional offers may vary throughout the year. In addition, promotional offers (promotions, rebate coupons, etc.) are non-cumulative, with the exception of promotions on FREE Shipping.

6.3 Contests

Naturel Argania regularly invites you to enter contests that take place on By participating in these contests, you agree and accept the following: our General Sales Terms and Conditions, all policies governing the use of our website, and all contest rules and regulations.


Naturel Argania’s Privacy Policy is intended to protect your privacy and ensure that your personal information is protected and handled in a responsible manner. Naturel Argania values your online privacy and security and believes in providing you with a safe and secure online experience. By using our website, you consent to the collection and assessment of your personal information for purposes related to order processing, newsletters, promotions and/or any disputes arising from orders. This information will be securely stored. We encourage you to carefully read this Privacy Policy. Your use of constitutes your agreement to its Terms and Conditions.

You have the right, at any time, to access, correct or delete personal information about you, as well as object to the processing of such information, by contacting Naturel Argania’s customer service at

7.1 Information We Collect About You

Throughout Naturel, Naturel Argania collects data about you that is strictly necessary for the following purposes:
– To manage your subscription to our newsletter (sign-up and unsubscribe7)
– To transmit information about our company and its business and, with your consent, advertisements and/or miscellaneous sales material
– To manage your orders

7.2 Recipients of Information We Collect About You

Naturel Argania is the sole recipient of your information.
Naturel Argania only shares your personal information with third parties if:
– The information is required by a third party in order to provide you with the service you require
– Naturel Argania is summoned by a legal authority and/or equivalent administrative authority to disclose such information
For the back-end management and storage of your personal data, your information will be hosted on our secure, centralized third-party servers, located in Canada.

7.3 Security and Confidentiality of Your Personal Information

Naturel Argania takes every precaution to ensure that measures are in place to safeguard the confidentiality and security of the personal information you share with us for order processing, and to prevent such information from being distorted, damaged, destroyed, or accessed by third parties. However, Naturel Argania cannot control all risks associated with online transactions.


Naturel Argania products are intended for sale exclusively on and across our distribution networks. Consequently, any sale or distribution of our products for gift or resale purposes beyond these networks is prohibited and, notwithstanding infringement on trademark or product integrity, may be subject to civil liability and legal proceedings by their respective parties.


When viewing content on, information about your browsing habits may be stored as “cookies” or “pixel tags” stored by the web browser on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) These cookies or tags can, for example, help you avoid having to repeatedly enter your password each time you visit and allow Naturel Argania to enhance and personalize your online shopping experience, so that the information you receive is more relevant to you. You can choose not to accept cookies or tags at any time by changing your browser’s settings.

9.1 How We Use Cookies and Tags

Cookies let Naturel Argania:
-Modify the layout of (language, resolution, etc.) based on your browser’s preferences when you visit
– Remember fields that you filled in on our website (account registration or account preferences), or the products or information you selected on our website (e.g., contents in your shopping cart)
– Grant you access to personalized sections of with identifiers or data you provided
– Enforce security measures (e.g., when prompted to log-in again after inactivity)

9.2 How You Can Manage Cookies and Tags

Several options are available to help you manage cookies and tags. You can change the way your browser handles cookies and tags at any time by following the suggestions below:

You can configure your device’s browser to allow or block cookies, either automatically or by the issuer. You can also configure your browser to ask you, regularly, whether or not to allow or block cookies before a cookie is installed on your browser.

Blocking Cookies: By blocking cookies, you may not benefit from a number of features required to navigate certain sections of Naturel Furthermore, Naturel Argania will not be able to recognize your device’s browser, language settings, and display preferences. In such cases, we are not responsibility for the failure of any services on resulting from Naturel Argania’s inability to record or track cookies deemed necessary for a successful website experience and corresponding functionality.


The website may contain links to third-party websites (hyperlinks). However, Naturel Argania is not associated with any third-party website that is linked to Naturel Argania cannot be held responsible for the quality and veracity of the content and information of these sites and cannot guarantee the security of any information you may provide them with.


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